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Unknown country
I know the country (I think), but I can't find the stamp in my Yvert catalogue
Other issues

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Note 1: Here are some other 'stamp identification' sites that can come in handy when you're searching:
Stefano and Casper's pages
Unidentified Philatelic Objects (Rick Scott)
Note 2: For anyone helping out: If you see a stamp you'd like and I don't need it (I collect European stamps and former USSR republics), just ask for it.
Date of last update: 30 April 2008

Unknown country

ID Date last update Picture Question or Outcome
15 nov 2007 Bulgaria 1889, (SG0054) (Yv 31)
15 nov 2007 Russia Revenue stamps, about 1900
15 nov 2007 Vostotchnaja korrespondenchia? Value 7 kopek.
Could be a local stamp from Vostochnaya. Unfortunately there are at least eight places of that name in Russia.
Someone else mentioned that it looks very much like Scott Russian Offices in the Turkish Empire #26 of 1884.
15 nov 2007 Russian cinderella 1922 Odessa famine issue. Several printings perf 11.5
15 nov 2007 Egypt/United Arab Republic Revenue stamp
The United Arab Republic was the name of the union between Egypt and Syria. It was established in 1958 and was dissolved in 1961. Each country kept its own currency, but issued many stamps with the same design, but with the different currency. Egypt continued to use the name UAR until 1971.
15 nov 2007 A Swedish documentary revenue stamp, used from 1895 to 1968 when a new issue of different design was released. Values went from 5 ore to 25000Kr and maybe higher. Wavy line watermark with 3 different perforations: 11, 12.5 or 13.
15 nov 2007 Lundy is an island in the Bristol Channel, not the English Channel.
(Search for Lundy, UK with Google Earth and zoom out).
The stamps are used to pay for transport of mail to the mainland where it enters the GB postal system, for which normal GB stamps must also be applied.
20 nov 2007 East Saxony 1945-1946 Russian Occupation, Scott #15N2.
See also Jay Carrigans' exhibit East Saxony 1945-1946
15 nov 2007 Bulgaria 1921-1923, Tirnovo city (SG 229, Yv 159)
15 nov 2007 A GB revenue of 1881 required to pay tax on bank drafts for transferring money overseas. No 113 in the Barefoot GB Revenue catalogue.
15 nov 2007 Lybia Arab Republic (revenue)
15 nov 2007 From a series of 10 Japanese parcel post revenues issued in 1898 (26mm x 32mm - perf 14).
15 nov 2007 North Korea - 1966 Wild Plants


Can't find in catalogue

ID Date last update Picture Question or Outcome
15 nov 2007 USSR 1944 - Allied Nations Day (SG1066) (Yv915)
15 nov 2007 USSR 1950 (Yv1474)
15 nov 2007 Russia West army under general Awaloff-Bermondt - did not come into postal use. Other issues do exist genuine used (very scarce).
Count Paul Mikhailovitch Awaloff-Bermondt was a White Russian adventurer who sought, under the German Polish General Rüdiger von der Goltz, to create a German controlled Latvia and to restore a Russian Czar in the Baltic Provinces, in 1919. Defeated, he fled to Denmark.
15 nov 2007 Turkish revenue (stamp duty) stamp
15 nov 2007 Thüringen (around Erfürt), Germany, Sovjet occupation 1945-1946
6 pf green Yvert Nr 4, 20 pf blue Yvert Nr 7, 12 pf pink Yvert Nr 6
Please note that stamps Nr Yvert 1 to 8 are with "gomme économisée": The back of the stamps has a pattern of circles; only the intervals between the circles wear the gum:
The same stamps do exist under Yvert Nrs 9 to 16 "Pleine gomme" (Fully gummed)

Apart from the already mentioned stamps from Thüringen (Yvert 1 to 8, 17 to 20 + BF 4), this is also found on n° 10 and 12 from Eastern Saxony, n° 37 to 39 from Western Saxony, as well as on all or part of the local issues from the cities of Finsterwalde, Görlitz and Plauen.
15 nov 2007 Soviet occupation zone of Saxe, issued 21 Feb 1945.
This stamp exists on normal and on thin/transparent paper ("papier pelure").
Yvert Nr 20A, Scott Nr 13N15
7 nov 2007 Czechoslovakia, issued on 15 March 1985 in remembrance of the 115th Anniversary of Lenin's Birth.
It's Michel #2805 / Scott #2550, but it's not in the 'common' stamp listing in my Yvert (1992):
It turns out it's only listed under Blocs!, number 66.
7 nov 2007 This one looks like it is from Austria 1858-1859, but the coinage is wrong: 5 soldi instead of 5 Kroner.
Actually it is from Lombardy Venetia, 1859-62 2 soldi, type ll, block of 4. (Yv 16)
Other pictures here.


Other issues

ID Date last update Picture Question or Outcome
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